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Members information for Whitstable Yacht Club

Boat parking/equipment storage policy 2014/2015

The aim of the Club is to provide beach parking and equipment storage facilities to all members who want them. This is the Club's allocation and pricing policy. Any queries should be referred to the Hon. Beachmaster, whose decision will be final. The Club reserves the right to move any boat or equipment at any stage.

Boat Parking

To obtain a parking space enter the details on your annual renewal, or new membership application. For boat changes, contact the Club office. Annual renewal allocations will be made in November by Class Captains, who have been allocated specific sections of the beach by the Beachmaster. Priority will be given to early payers and to regular sailors. Parking plans will be posted on class notice boards in early January. New members and boat changes will be allocated as they arise.

Your boat MUST be identifiable by class and sail number recorded on your membership renewal form. No allocation will be made without these details. A numbered sticker confirming payment and a notification of position on the posted plans will be issued in February /March or after a change. The sticker MUST be clearly displayed on the transom and the boat must be put in the designated place. Nowhere else is acceptable for sticker or boat.

If you have more than one boat, please indicate on the renewal or new application form which one is most important to you. Regrettably there may not be enough space on the beach for all of them. If you are a member who has a second boat for children of cadet age, please register it in their name.

Boats parked at the club should be securely tied down so that they do not become a hazard to others.

When requested, members must move their boats from their parking spaces for open meetings. Failure to comply with such a request will result in boats being moved under Club authority. Owners are responsible for returning their boats to their allocated parking space.

The club accepts no liability for loss or damage to boats, trolleys, road trailers or other equipment left on WYC premises. Members are reminded of their obligation under the club rules to take out public liability insurance cover and advised to ensure that suitable insurance provision is also made for physical damage to their boats whilst on Club property.

Where payment has not been made by allocation time in January or where ownership cannot be identified, boats and equipment may be moved to an alternative location, following the RYA recommended equipment disposal process.


Boats may be parked on top of their road trailers as long as the combination does not take up significantly more space than the boat parked without the road trailer. There are limited spaces for road trailers parked independently from boats, and for these a numbered sticker confirming payment for the trailer and notification of position on the posted plans will be issued in February/March or after a change. The sticker MUST be clearly displayed and the trailer must be identifiable.

Lockers and Sail Racks

Individual lockers and racks will be numbered and allocated by the office. Sail bags and loose items such as rudders must be identifiable with your name clearly visible. Where payment has not been made, or where ownership cannot be identified, bags may be moved off the racks to an alternative location. The Club accepts no responsibility for equipment left on its premises.

Board Racks

The Board Class Captain will allocate board storage racks, giving priority to regular sailors and prompt payers. Members should ensure that their boat sticker and name appears on their allocated rack. Where a storage fee remains unpaid after the beginning of the sailing season, or where ownership cannot be identified, boards will be removed and may be disposed of.

Winter Storage

Masts must be taken down at the end of the winter series. Masts may be hung from the rafters of the Rigden Shed but should not obstruct the shed.

Rigden Shed

Except at very busy times, the door to the upstairs of the Rigden Shed must be kept locked. Members are asked to use their common sense and respect other members' right to security for their equipment.

Change of Circumstances

During the year, if changes in your personal or your boat's circumstances occur, please advise the office immediately.

Please address any queries to your class captain or the beach master.

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