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General Committee nominations

We need new Flag Officers and General Committee Members - an urgent message from the Commodore.

The Annual General Meeting of the Club will take place this year on Saturday 24 March at 5.30pm. At this meeting one essential item of business will be the election of Flag Officers and General Committee Members

The General Committee is made up of voting members of the Club (voting members are Full, including Family, Members of the Club, excluding Social members). Non-voting members can also be co-opted onto the General Committee, but do not have a vote. The Officers of the Club (Commodore, Vice-Commodore, and Rear Commodore for House and Sailing) must be adult Full or Family voting members of the Club who have previously served for at least one year on the General Committee. For more information, see the WYC Rules.

The Club currently has great opportunities, while facing some significant challenges. We have a rapidly expanding sail training capability, which will draw in more adult and cadet members. We have an enviable beach location. We have a strong core of experienced members at all levels who work as a team to deliver a comprehensive programme of sailing and land-based activities and events. We have a thriving town which should be capable of providing significantly more social members utilising the bar and other onshore facilities.

We are however not making the most of our opportunities. We need a membership drive for new sailing and social members. We need to build closer relations with Canterbury City Council and other local public organisations. We need to sharpen up the bar and Sea Room and the meeting room upstairs. We need to improve our boat storage facilities on the beach and under cover. We need to “sell” the Club facilities to the wider community as somewhere to hold meetings and events. All this while negotiating some complex and time-consuming strategic and financial issues. Right now we do not have enough people to take on all these tasks. The more people willing to do so, the easier it will be for everyone.

The Officers and the General Committee members are essential to the successful operation of the Club, and we are running short of people. John Boorman, our excellent Vice Commodore, has to stand down for personal reasons. We have several General Committee members who have already stood down or will do so at the AGM. Other key individuals will want to change roles or stand down at some point during the next three years, and we need people ready to take their place.

I need more Members to stand up and actively support the continued operation of the Club. Without volunteers to take on these roles and responsibilities, there will not be a Club. Therefore, if you are a Full Member, please urgently consider standing for the General Committee. If you are a Social Member, please volunteer to be coopted onto the General Committee after the AGM. Better still, put yourself forward to stand for one of the Flag Officer positions. We would benefit from some contested elections (many sailing clubs have contested elections for Flag Officer positions as a matter of course). And the Club will need a new Commodore in 2019, although do not let me put off anyone who wants to run for the position this year !

Nomination forms are available from the Office and behind the bar. Do not wait to be asked, just put yourself forward.

Richard J Bradburn