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Members information for Whitstable Yacht Club


WYC's subscription year runs from October 1.

To begin or renew your subscription, download and complete the subscription form indicating your membership type and any other facilities you require. (Also refer to the Boat parking prices)

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Fees for 2017:

(1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017)

Subscription class Fee
Family (2 partners and children under 18) £285.00
Individual (age 18+, and their children under 18) £209.00
Senior family (over 65 and members for more than 10 years) £178.00
Senior Full (over 65 and member for more than 10 years) £133.00
Young Person (aged 18 to 25) £82
Cadet (aged 12 to 17) £41.00
Social Family Membership (for non-sailing/non-voting members) £135.00 (inc VAT)
Social Member (for non-sailing/non-voting member) £97.00 (inc VAT)
Overseas Family (permanent overseas address) £74.00
Overseas Individual (permanent overseas address) £53.00

Note: All adult memberships (including social membership) includes Sailing Membership for children under 18. See the membership types for a more detailed explanation of the membership options.

Associated sailing fees Fee
Boat parking/storage See boat parking charges
Board/Kayak storage £76.00 per rack
Trailer parking Same price as class of boat it belongs to
Cadet boat parking/board storage 50% of full fee
Sail storage rack £33.00
Full Size Locker £32.00
Male small locker £9.50
Storage shed key £8.50

Not paid your subs yet?

If your subscription is over due contact the office and they can confirm you how much you owe.


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