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News at Whitstable Yacht Club

Whitstable Yacht Club Forts race 2014

2014 Dates: 13th and 14th September

More 2014 information coming soon!
Forts Race Flyer

The UK’s premier catamaran long distance race, now in it’s 19th year

Over the last 19 years, our Long Distance catamaran race has evolved into a well-balanced test of catamaran racing skills, attracting top national helms as well as experienced club racers and international entries.

Laid out in hub and spoke format, with each leg returning through a gate near the club, the full course covers 85 kilometres in estuary, coastal and open sea conditions, and provides racing at all points of sailing.

The flexibility of this format differentiates the Forts Race from other marathon events.

  • It can be shortened for all competitors if winds are light.
  • It can be shortened for smaller cats, to provide similar duration of racing.
  • The course can be changed if conditions change.
  • The risk of cancellation is reduced as it is easier to manage.
  • Competitors can retire on passing through the gate each round.
  • Support craft can be rapidly re-deployed where needed in emergency.

As different conditions favour different types of catamaran, there are separate categories of prizes for modern fast three sail cats with spinnakers, smaller two-handed cats and qualifying classes.

The list of eligible classes has been revised down to and including Dart 18 Two-Up but nothing slower. Faster single-handers may now take part.

Key Statistics

The most popular classes are Dart 18, Formula 18, Hurricane 5.9, Spitfire and Tornado. Typically the race attracts 50 entries, with past maxima and minima of 30-60 entries.
Nine times out of ten, the race can be run on the Saturday, with Sunday for three back-to-back cans races.
Tidal flow is generally less than three knots, and even then only out to sea at the Forts


The 2014 Forts Race will be held on Saturday and Sunday 13th and 14th September.

Accommodation and Campervan parking

There are a large number of accommodation options within walking distance of the club (see the WYC accommodation pages), and WYC has a limited number of bunk rooms available. Booking early is recommended! Parking in the Whitstable town centre, close to the club, is cheap at £2.50/day.
We have a limited number of campervan/motorhome spots available this year. They need to be pre-booked and cost £20 for the weekend. For more information and to book a spot, email us.

Forts Race Course

The long distance race will be sailed in the area of Whitstable with up to FIVE radiating “legs”. The Race Officer reserves the right to shorten the course for all OR individual competitors OR all competitors of specific classes.
Click here to download a provisional list of marks which can be used for the long distance racing.


The 2012 Forts Race was held on Saturday 15th September, with three Round the Cans races on Sunday 16th September.
Full race report


2012 Documents for reference:



For more information call (01227 272942) or email the WYC Office.
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